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Video Reels

Holiday Raceway Pull at Woodstock, Alabama 4-6-19
Mule Day at Winfield, Alabama 9-22-18

Richwood, Ohio

Garden Tractor Pull Part 1 - July 29, 2017

Richwood, Ohio

Garden Tractor Pull Part 2 - July 29, 2017

Richwood, Ohio

Good for a laugh, but don't try this during a pull !

Columbus, Ohio

This is a good example of some serious pulling. Hope you enjoy!

Woodstock, Alabama

Holiday Raceway Pull 9/20/14.

Check out our winners on our Results page.

Lean on Me.

A family affair.

Springfield, Ohio

1/16/15: This pull is the largest Garden Tractor pull in the World.

Ford Garden Tractor from the puller's perspective. Taken with a GoPro camera.

From the archives.

The early years.

Selmer Tennessee.

Kars 4 kids was one of the first pulls documented on our website. A good cause!

Fayette, Alabama

Pulling the Big 2-Wheel Drive Truck. Driver's perspective and spectator perspective.

Woodstock, Alabama

Everybody pulls - guys, gals, kids, both young and old! This pull was held on 5/3/14 at Holiday Raceway.

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