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Tech Tips - Braking for Safety

-as seen in The Pulse Newsletter, March 2017-

Safety Rule: All tractors must have good working brakes. 

One of the most important rule in Garden Tractor Pulling pertains to the subject of safety...and safety begins with good working brakes.

It’s a simple and common sense rule, and we all need to follow it. It’s obvious that if any tractor lacks good working brakes, it’s just a matter of time before someone could get seriously injured by a runaway tractor.

Lack of effective brakes, of course, would be in violation of the currently posted rules for garden tractor pulling. Safety requires working brakes. But improper adjustments can hinder their effectiveness, too.

Here are a few good tips to keep in mind when choosing and installing brakes on your garden tractor:

1. Disc brakes are more problematic than internal brakes.

2. Brakes that are adjusted to tightly could:

       * cause your tractor to unintentionally slow down during your pull,
       * cause one wheel to spin during your pull.


3. Improper brake adjustment can make changing gears difficult or impossible...and could damage the shift forks in the transmission.

4. You should be able to disengage the clutch and roll your tractor without applying your brakes, then, pushing the clutch pedal further should engage your brakes.

Remember, when we all observe this crucial safety rule, we all win!

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