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Tech Tips - The Flagman

-as seen in The Pulse Newsletter, July 2017-

Keep Your Eyes On The Flagman!

Although this is not exactly a Tech Tip, this information is critical to a safe and smooth running pull...therefore, I have included in the technical portion of our website.

Our pulling sport is built on volunteers, and one of the most important of those is the Flagman. While the engines roar loudly, the puller’s only contact during his the Flagman.

Flagman are critical to the timing and safety of all pulling events. If you volunteer to be a Flagman, take your responsibility seriously, since the safety of both the pullers and the spectators are in your hands.

Be cognizant of what is occurring around you and coordinate with the Sled Master well before the pull, so you both are clear on rules and procedures.

Keep these things in mind when you flag a pull:

1. Before the pull, coordinate good hand/eye communication with the Sled Master, so all pulling officials are aware of what is happening at all times.

2. Always position yourself in front of the puller.

3. Never display both the red and green flags at the same time, as this causes confusion.

4. Always display the red flag. (except during a good pull in process, which will prompt the green flag, of course)

5. Before you display the green flag to start a pull, ensure there are no spectators or pulling assistants on the track...and always check behind you as well.

6. Display the green flag and start the pull when you are sure both the Sled Master and the puller are ready.

7. Clearly display the red flag on your judgement of a completed pull.

8. Enforce the out-of-bounds and dropped-parts rules, or disqualifications at the time of the offense - not later. Check with the Sled Master.

9. After the pull, assist with unhooking the tractor: ensure the puller and Sled Master are aware of your presence; puller should place his tractor in neutral and raise his hands; proceed to unhook tractor only on your judgement that it is safe to do so.

And remember, we couldn’t do it without you!

Remember, when we all observe these crucial safety rules, we all win!

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