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Tech Tips - Fueling Your Pulling Tractor

-as seen in The Pulse Newsletter, July 2017-

Fueling Your Pulling Tractor 

Running out of fuel, but there’s fuel in the tank? What gives?

Fuel filters are cool, and they do serve a purpose, but don’t overdo it. Instead, let gravity do the work for you!

The use of any filter (or screen) restricts the fuel from the carburetor, obviously disrupting the optimum performance of the engine. If you must use a filter, use an easy flow filter. The best option is not to use a filter at all. After all, if you have a clean fuel tank and clean fuel line, there is no justifiable reason to use a fuel filter.

Make sure your fuel tank cap has a vent in it to eliminate the possibility of a vacuum, since a vacuum will stop the fuel from flowing properly.

Keep these facts in mind when you install your fuel delivery system (these points do not apply if you are using a fuel pump):

  1. Your gas tank needs to be mounted as far above the carburetor as possible.

  2. You must route your fuel line above the carburetor.

  3. The fuel line, which leads from the fuel tank to the carburetor, needs to be placed carefully. It is essential that you position the fuel line in a continuously downward incline from the fuel tank to the carburetor.

  4. Use as large of a fuel line as possible, diameter-wise.

  5. If your setup requires a fuel shut-off, if possible, use a ball-type fuel valve that you can see through when it is in an open position.

**As noted above, if you are using a fuel pump, disregard the points above. However, if you are using a fuel pump…just make sure your fuel pump is operating correctly.

If you have questions, ask your fellow-pullers, the sled-operator or any track official for help.

-end of tech tip-

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