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Tech Tips - Pedal Extender

-as seen in The Pulse Newsletter, June 2017-

Tractor Pedal Extension 

In order to operate a pulling tractor effectively, the puller must have solid control of steering as well as the clutch and gas pedals. Most pullers have no problem, however, occasionally a puller might be small in stature. Examples might be a small woman or a child.

What to do? Well, adjusting the seat is one possible solution, but most garden tractors that are modified for pulling simply don’t have an adjustable seat. Most pulling seats are stationary.

But there is another solution. Rather than forcing the puller’s foot to the pedal...think about bringing the pedal to the puller’s foot. To accomplish this alteration, you need to add an extension to the pedal to make it closer to the puller’s foot. If you think about it, there are various ways of doing this, but make sure the extension is stable and reliable to avoid injury or accident.


The pedal extension should be constructed of a strong material such as metal, and welded securely in place. If you have the right equipment, home pedal extenders can be fabricated and installed easily in your own garage.

Keep these facts in mind when you prepare your extender for your child:

  1. You want to avoid your child’s foot slipping off the pedal, so make sure he/she clearly understands where to place their foot. It’s always good to practice before a pulling event.

  2. Make sure you allow for adequate space, both height and width, of the order to avoid a child’s foot getting wedged in.

  3. Keep in mind, this is only 1 design. Many other solutions are possible, limited only by your imagination!

If you have questions, ask your fellow-pullers, the sled-operator or any track official for help.

-end of tech tip-

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