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  1. 45 cubic inch or less single cylinder or twin cylinder air cooled engine.

  2. Stock appearing tractors; must have a hood, grill and fenders.

  3. 1,050 pound weight Limit.

  4. Maximum tire size: 26x12x12 (can be sharpened).

  5. Steel or billet flywheel required.

  6. No stroker crankshafts.

  7. Any camshaft and valve size permitted.

  8. Any head modification allowed.

  9. Carburetor limited to 1.200 inches venturi; standoff pipe or RAM tube permitted.

  10. No RPM limits.

  11. Must have scatter shield (positioned opposite engine side of camshaft) on one cylinder engine; must be 1/8th inch steel or 3/16th inch aluminum; shield must be attached securely at top of engine and at the bottom of engine; minimum of 7 inches wide; on twins – 1/8th inch steel or 3/16th inch aluminum on external sides of engine cylinders, extending from head gasket to frame, full width of crankcase.

  12. Gas or alcohol permitted.

  13. No pressurized fuel tanks or nitrous oxide.

  14. All flywheels, clutches, belts and pullies must be covered with 1/8th inch steel, 360 degrees.

  15. Drive shafts must be covered or have drive shaft loops.

  16. No blowers or turbos.

  17. No after market jugs.

  18. Fire extinguishers required on tractors running alcohol.

  19. Fire suit and approved DOT helmet required; must be properly used.

  20. Kill switch required; must kill tractor and shut off electric fuel pump.

  21. Dead Man throttle required.

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