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April 4, 2015: Holiday Raceway Garden Tractor Pull Winners!

See our Results page for details.

Drake Dunn; Casey Williams; David Cox (t0p); Lane Wilkerson (bottom); Alex Stinnett; Jason Rose; Jeff Williams.

2015 World of Wheels Event in Birmingham extended a special invitation for the Alabama Pulling Garden Tractors' members to bring their tractors for a colorful exhibition. We found a lot of interest in garden tractor pulling and recruited new pullers as well as prospective spectators for the growing sport. We look forward to a successful season this coming year!

The Tuscaloosa News, both the newspaper and the website, featured one of our garden tractor pulls held at Holiday Raceway in 2014. The article was representative of good fun and healthy competition. We hope to see you this next season!

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Taylor Vowell 2.jpg
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Ron Keener 2.jpg
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Lane Wilkerson 2.jpg
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Drayke Dunn.jpg
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