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PULLING TRACTOR for SALE pictured above

Location: Perryville, Missouri
Price:  $8500.
          (I invested $17,500. in this tractor.)

Description: GSX-R 750 MOTOR; Holly blue fuel pump; Fass Fuel carbs X4; 60 series chain off the motor; 80 series drive chain to the rear axle; Solid rear axle; ELECTRONIC advance and negative plus rev-limiter settings; Ngk plugs; Moroso plug wires; 10-w40 Castrol bike oil for the motor; 81 to 93 octane fuel

If interested, contact: Dominic Stark, 573-768-5346



Cub Cadet 12 HP Pulling Tractor $1,100. If interested, contact us HERE.




Pulling Tractor - Cub Cadet (102). 10 horsepower. $850 with rear tires. $600 without rear tires. For more information, contact Ron Keener at 205-965-9885. If no answer, leave a message.