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  1. Stock garden tractors with minor body alterations. DISCRETION OF OFFICIALS.

  2. 4,000 RPM LIMIT

  3. 1,050 pound weight limit, 14 HP and under single cylinder (can run OHV).

  4. 23X10.50X12 uncut tire on steel wheels (wheels cannot be altered).

  5. Stock carburetor with choke butterfly, no velocity stack allowed.Air cleaner required.

  6. Maximum .030" over bore.Stock stroke.

  7. Stock engine manufactured camshafts.(Kohler part in a Kohler engine, etc.)

  8. Stock crank and rod (no pop up).

  9. Stock head, no welding.Composite head gasket.

  10. Stock type clutch but can have aftermarket spring.

  11. Stock transmission.

  12. Stock pulleys on belt drive.

  13. Pump gas and no electric fuel pump.

  14. Stock coil.

  15. Can have a front weight bar.

  16. Must have wheelie bars. All safety rules apply.

  17. Clutches and/or belts must be covered.

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