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Richwood, Ohio Pull on July 27, 2019:

The weather was nice, but hot, hot, hot!

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Garden Tractor Pull Winners

July 20, 2019 in Plain City, Ohio

KIDs winners PC.jpg
LADIES winners PC.jpg
Kids Class
1st Place (right) Brock Pugh
2nd Place (left) Kandace Criswell
3rd Place (not pictured) Max Park 
Ladies Class
1st Place (left) Erin Galloway
2nd Place (middle) Holli Carpenter
3rd Place (right) Ruthann Sirman 
PURE STOCK BELT winners PC (2).jpg
12 single CYL winners PC.jpg
Pure Stock Class
1st Place (left) Jeremy King
2nd Place (middle) Tori King
3rd Place (right) Dean Carpenter 
12 HP Class
1st Place (left) Dean Carpenter
2nd Place (middle) Aaron Carpenter
3rd Place (right) Jeff Gerritsen 
14 single CYL winners PC.jpg
16 single CYL winners PC.jpg
14 HP Class
1st Place (not pictured) Finnigan Park
2nd Place (left) Dean Carpenter
3rd Place (right) Holli Carpenter 
16 HP Class
1st Place (left) Donovon Cox
2nd Place (middle) Chris Push
3rd Place (right) Tori King 
16 single second class.jpg
20 TWIN winners PC.jpg
16 HP Class
1st Place (left) David Sirman
2nd Place (middle) Donovon Cox
3rd Place (right) Dominic Gerritsen 
20 HP Class
1st Place (right) Donovon Cox
2nd Place (middle) Tony Martin
3rd Place (left) Levi Carpenter 
25 TWIN winners PC.jpg
DEISEL winners PC.jpg
25 HP Class
1st Place (left) Blake Barry
2nd Place (right) Steve Schultz
3rd Place (not pictured) Dave Miller 
Diesel Class
1st Place (left) Donovon Cox
2nd Place (middle) Levi Carpenter
3rd Place (right) Rich Megher 
OPEN winners PC.jpg
Open Class
1st Place (right) Donovon Cox
2nd Place (middle) David Sirman
3rd Place (left) Brian Cox 


to all the winners!!

A great time was had

by everyone!

Thanks to all the pullers who came out to support the 70th Annual Steam Threshers Event!

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